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What is immunity?

November 11, 2020 | 1162 words | 6 minutes

What is immunity? Our immune systems are our body’s defense against external and potentially harmful bacteria. Doctors and health care professionals highlight time and again the importance of a healthy immune system. It is a system that gets stronger as we grow from infants, protecting our bodies from bacteria and disease. This macrophage is one of the cells of our immune system When our bodies produce specific cells that resist a particular disease, we can say that we are immune to it.

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What is the immune system?

November 4, 2020 | 681 words | 4 minutes

The immune system is a complex defense network that protects the body against potentially harmful agents and can respond to millions of antigens. Through orchestrated reactions, that is, the immune response, the immune system can recognize and remove pathogens. It serves to distinguish “non-self” from “self” and acts to ensure tolerance of self, food, and other environmental components and commensal bacteria inherent in the body. However, any mistake or alteration in tolerance pathways may lead to a disordered immunological process.

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