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Vitamin A - For Bones, Eyes and Hair

November 18, 2020 | 902 words | 5 minutes

What is Vitamin A? Vitamin A is an antioxidant that aids the healthy growth of your heart, lungs, kidneys, vision, and immunity functions. Vitamin A is not produced by our bodies naturally, and yet it is an extremely beneficial micronutrient that needs to be included in our diet. Mangoes are a tasty way to add Vitamin A to your diet Here are some detailed and scientifically proven benefits of Vitamin A and the function it serves:

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Vitamin C for Skin, Hair and Life

November 11, 2020 | 693 words | 4 minutes

What is Vitamin C Vitamin C is a water-solvent nutrient found in numerous nourishments, especially in leafy green vegetables and fruits. It’s notable for being a potent antioxidant and affecting the well-being of skin and immune functions. It’s additionally essential for small blood vessels, collagen, tissue repair, bones, and teeth. What are the benefits of Vitamin C? Vitamin C is not produced naturally in our body, and yet, its benefits are a-plenty!

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