What is immunity?

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What is immunity?

Our immune systems are our body’s defense against external and potentially harmful bacteria. Doctors and health care professionals highlight time and again the importance of a healthy immune system. It is a system that gets stronger as we grow from infants, protecting our bodies from bacteria and disease.

This macrophage is one of the cells of our immune system
This macrophage is one of the cells of our immune system

When our bodies produce specific cells that resist a particular disease, we can say that we are immune to it. There are different types of immunity;

* Active immunity

* Passive immunity

* Natural immunity

* Acquired immunity.

The different types of immunity
The different types of immunity

All are working to keep the body safe from external disease as well as evolving its protective abilities.

How does immunity work?

Your immune system recognized foreign bacteria, also known as ‘antigens’. The cells in your immune system recognize and attack the antigen that compromises your system. Within our immune systems, B lymphocytes are set off to make antibodies to fight against the anti-gens. These proteins lock onto explicit antigens. After they’re made, antibodies, as a rule, remain in our bodies on the off chance that we need to battle a similar germ once more. That is why somebody who becomes ill with an infection similar to chickenpox normally won’t become ill from it again.

Antibodies also work to kill poisons (noxious or harming substances) created by various bacteria and activate proteins called “supplement” that is important for the resistant framework. The “supplement” helps eliminate microscopic organisms, infections, or contaminated cells.

How do you improve your immunity?

Striving to boost our immune systems is a noble cause that requires a delicate lifestyle balance to work well. Because we are trying to influence not just one function of the body but an intricate system, it can be tricky to maintain such a balance.

However, here are some ways in which you can shield your system from being attacked by bacteria and anti-gens:

* Try not to smoke.

* Make fruits and vegetables a major part of your diet

* Exercise consistently

* Find a way to keep away from infection, for example, washing your hands habitually.

A balanced diet is key
A balanced diet is key

What is an immunity boost?

Numerous products on store racks guarantee to lift or support the immunity boost. Yet, the idea of boosting has neither rhyme nor reason. Boosting the number of cells in your body isn’t something worth experimenting with. Endeavoring to support the cells of your immune system is incredibly convoluted.

Our body continually produces immune cells, and it has been proven to create a larger number of lymphocytes than it can utilize. The other cells eliminate themselves through a cycle of cell passing called “apoptosis.” Unfortunately, we have been unable to determine the number of cells the system needs to function at its peak condition. Making immunity-boosting through artificial channels volatile.

This, however, should not make one lose hope, as there are natural ways in which one can keep the immune system healthy!

Natural immunity boosting

There are measures that you can take to help strengthen your body’s immunity system.

1. Getting the recommended amount of sleep:

This has been linked to strengthening your natural immunity. Studies have shown high correlations between less sleep and a higher risk of catching common colds.

2. Having a diet with high plant-based foods:

The intake of healthy plant-based foods has been linked to having a robust immune system. This is due to antioxidants and fiber, which keep harmful bacteria from entering the system via your digestive system.

3. Probiotic supplements:

Which are present in foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi, create healthy bacteria that direct your body to eliminate the harmful organisms.

4. Curb your sugar intake!

Sugar creates inflammation, which weakens your immune system. Switch to natural sugars like honey, honey!

Curb your sugar intake
Curb your sugar intake

Here are fruits and vegetables that you can add to your diet to enhance your immune system naturally;

1. Citrus fruits

Full of vitamin C to create white blood cells to fight off infections.

2. Broccoli

A vegetable that was no less than torture for us as children, yet it all makes sense when you get older, doesn’t it? Broccoli is a holy grail of vitamins; vitamins A, C, and E, coupled with its high fibrous content and antioxidants, is one of the best things you can add to your daily diet.

3. Spinach

Rich in antioxidants, especially one called beta carotene, which gives fruits its color and increases our immune systems to fight off negative energies.

JK, it fights off infections.

4. Almonds

Filled with vitamin E and antioxidants, almonds are a great addition to your diet.

5. Papaya

With vitamin C and anti-inflammatory enzymes, this fruit is highly recommended for your overall health and wellbeing.

While studies show the positive effect of natural supplements to strengthen your immune system, going with artificial immunity boosting is a bit trickier.

Eat a rainbow to boost your immunity
Eat a rainbow to boost your immunity

Artificial Immunity Boosters

Artificial immunity boosters are your vaccines, medications, and supplements. Research has shown that these artificial boosters work fast. However, it is seen as a short term solution compared to the more natural immunity boosters.

Immunity-Boosting Drinks

Here are a list of drinks to support your immune system and have been used to fight off colds and infections. Each glass carries the benefits of multiple vitamins and healthy bacteria.

1. Orange, grapefruit, and other citrus juices

2. Green apple juice

3. Carrot juice

4. Beetroot juice

5. Ginger with warm water

6. Turmeric in warm water

7. Tomato juice

8. Kale & Celery

Immunity boosting herbs and spices

Adding certain herbs and spices to your food could help your immune system get healthier.

Here are some herbs and spices and will create a robust flavor profile for your food as well as strengthen your immune system;

1. Ginger

With anti-bacterial and antimicrobial compounds, ginger is a great ingredient to add to your diet or drink as a health shot.

2. Turmeric

This flower based spice has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Curcumin also boosts antioxidants in the body.

3. Cinnamon

With large amounts of polyphenol, cinnamon helps fight against inflammation, heals damaged tissue, and keeps infections at bay.

4. Garlic

Increasing antioxidant enzymes in the body and decreasing oxidative stress, garlic has been known to guard the body from heavy metal toxicity and vampires.

5. Cayenne pepper

Known to regulate your digestive system and assist in anti-inflammatory processes, modern herbalists have used cayenne pepper to heal colds and flus, and is widely accepted as a robust natural immunity booster.

Various herbs and spices help too
Various herbs and spices help too

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